Governor General Begins Visit to China 


A Four Decade Retrospective on Chinada & The Queen 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor 


Without the evidentiary force and interpretive power of the Fiefdom treatise, Sidewinder Report and CSIS Director Fadden’s accusations, RCC invitees and the Canadian public wouldn’t be able to at all understand why the PM sent the Governor General to China while HRH Queen Elizabeth II is visiting and why as the G8 Summit began the Sovereign’s representative gave Chinese President Hu Jintao exclusive red carpet treatment.


The Fiefdom treatise research project discovered multiple events and circumstances during the last forty years that help contextualize this latest snub by the rich, powerful and Chinese. 



Operators of the triangle of power and wealth continue to act as if there’s nothing going on in the country that could unseat them from political and corporate office and land them in prison for life.  As far as they’re concerned it’s business as usual forever and always.  That’s why in early June 2010 -- in the full knowledge Queen Elizabeth was coming -- Mr. Harper scheduled the Governor General to be China when her constitutional boss was in the country.  It's also why as the G8 Summit began the only world leader the Sovereign’s representative entertained with formalities was the Chinese President.   



It not only shows what’s of the highest priority for the entire Chinada establishment, but it is also “culture of entitlement” motivated arrogant belligerence of the most unpalatable kind; meant to signal to RCC invitees they have absolutely no chance of effecting regime change and holding violators of The Security of Information Act to account.   


Chinese president Hu welcomed; Sino-Canadian co-operation pitched

by Norma Greenway

The Gazette

June 25, 2010

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Hu began the day with a red-carpet welcome from Governor General Michaelle Jean at Rideau Hall and planned to end it being feted at a dinner hosted by the Canada China Business Council.





Chinese president meets Canadian governor-general on relations

Xinhua [China]

June 24, 2010

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Ottawa -- Visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao met Canadian Governor-General Michaelle Jean in Ottawa on Thursday, saying China is ready to work with Canada to strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual trust and advance their strategic partnership.




China is ready to work with Canada to maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges and continue to enhance political mutual trust, Hu said; [adding] China will work with Canada to give full play to the complementarity of the two countries, and expand cooperation in a wide range of areas, including economy, trade, energy, natural resources, science, technology, education, culture and health.  


At the G8

by Aaron Wherry

June 25, 2010

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The Governor General ... lunched with African Outreach delegation (including the leaders of Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Senegal and Algeria) and will meet with the President of Haiti later. 


Stephen Harper sends GG Michaëlle Jean to China during Queen’s visit

Governor General Begins Visit to China

Ottawa Citizen

June 29, 2010

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Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean leaves for China today, on the first visit by a Canadian Governor General in more than 15 years, and a trip that coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Canadian diplomatic relations. 



Harper will host Queen in Ottawa for Canada Day; Jean will “address” Canadians from Shanghai

by Tonda MacCharles

Toronto Star

June 7, 2010

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OTTAWA – On what is to be her last celebration of Canada Day as governor-general, Michaëlle Jean is being dispatched to visit China Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Monday. The visit is to take place from June 30 to July 5, 2010, during which time Queen Elizabeth will arrive in the nation’s capital, and will take centre stage with Harper for the nationally-televised annual bash that mark’s the nation’s birthday. 


Instead of being in Ottawa to bid her last “Happy Birthday Canada” wishes, Jean will mark Canada Day half a world – and several time zones—away at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. 


Via a press release issued by his office Monday, Harper’s office said Jean will travel at his request and at “the invitation of” the government of China. 


“This visit to China, the first by a Governor General in more than 15 years, will mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, and will highlight the strong bonds between our people and the importance of our relationship,” said the news release. 


Harper press secretary Sara MacIntyre said the GG's China tour is not a state or working visit but a “friendship visit.” 



The Fiefdom research project discovered a trend going back to the Trudeau era of disrespecting the Queen and moving to cut constitutional ties – the purpose of which was to put the closet communists who operate the triangle of power and wealth at the pinnacle of unchallengeable political authority.  



The first instance of thumbing a totalitarian nose at Her Majesty was Trudeau’s famous, or in a more accurate context, infamous 1977 pirouette.  By that year the non-transparent geo-political marriage between Canada's old money families and Liberals and Chinese had been consummated.





The research project undertook a fresh examination of the founder of the Chinada state when discovering exposés such as the following: 


Trudeau deconstructed

The Ottawa Citizen

June 4, 2006

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The photograph of Pierre Trudeau performing a pirouette behind the back of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace is probably one of the more enduring images of the former prime minister embedded in the collective memory of Canadians. The picture, we have been led to believe, expresses his maverick anti-conformism, his democratic disdain for aristocratic pomp. 




The Nemnis' book, a model of scholarly rigour and research, reveals that as a youth and young man in the 1930s and early 1940s, Trudeau was no champion of democracy and individual freedoms. He was instead an ardent Quebec nationalist who, during the worst of the war years, admired fascist dictators, regarded reports of Nazi atrocities as British propaganda [and] plotted treason against the Canadian state.




London Journal of Canadian Studies political scientist Paul Nesbitt-Larking examined Trudeau's conduct in Parliament, where he once referred to MPs as nobodies and told opposition members to "fuddle duddle" themselves. Such remarks, Nesbitt-Larking writes in "The Discourse of Aggression: Trudeau in Parliament," reflected a fundamental trait of Trudeau's "political personality" -- that of an "ideal-hungry narcissist," a man whose behaviour accentuates "arrogance, coldness, intellectual aloofness, boastful exhibitionism and aggression."




Trudeau became a cosmopolitan internationalist, enjoying the company of such dictators as Fidel Castro, Julius Nyerere and Mao Zedong.



[italics added]


Four years before the pirouette there was this:


Canadian plot to oust Queen thwarted

by Frank O’Donnell

The Scotsman

January 1, 2003

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A plot by the Canadian government to abolish the monarchy and replace the Queen with a president was thwarted when she refused to accept a proposal curtailing her powers. Files released by the Public Record Office reveal how an uncertain political climate in Canada and the Queen’s reluctance to agree to five measures reducing her role scuppered any official bid from being made. 


A confidential briefing paper detailed new information - which, it claims, may have been withheld by Canadian ministers - threatening her trip in 1973 to the Commonwealth Conference.


The letter, typed and signed by Hugh Overton, at the North American Department of the Foreign Office, warned that the Queen’s presence "might add fuel to this domestic controversy".


He wrote: "Our information is that, as a result of the elections, the Royal connection and the role of the Queen in Canada are again becoming the subject of more active domestic political interest.


"There is a distinct possibility, in my view, that a visit by the Queen to Canada at the time of the Commonwealth Conference, as Queen of Canada and head of the Commonwealth, might add fuel to this domestic controversy, and hence involve Her Majesty to some extent in Canadian domestic policies."


The letter concluded: "These are straws in the wind. But they show that there is at least a risk of the Royal question becoming a matter of controversy in Canada over the next few months."


In a reply dated 15 December, 1972, Sir Peter Hayman, the British High Commissioner in Canada, refers to a leaked document sent to the Montreal Gazette, putting forward plans to hand over five functions performed by the Queen to the governor-general.


Although the Queen was said to have accepted four of these proposals, she allegedly refused to relinquish her hold on a fifth - "a relatively minor one played by the Queen in Canadian external affairs".


As a result, the then prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, decided against pursuing the matter because of the detrimental impact such a move could have on his leadership, which had only survived the federal elections by the most slender of margins.


But in March 1973, Sir Peter noted: "Meanwhile, there is a gradual tendency to get rid of ‘Royal’ symbols: the Royal cipher is slowly disappearing on post boxes and mail vans; the head of a former prime minister, Sir John A Macdonald, has replaced the head of the Queen on ten dollar bills. There is a gradual tendency, much to the indignation of some Canadians, to play Oh Canada more frequently than God Save The Queen, although both are usually used."  



Jump ahead to the next phase of the Liberals’ twentieth century dynasty and what do we see? Chrétien’s choice for Governor General.  Adrienne Clarkson’s real name is Wu Bingzhi – Chinese-born and elevated to be Commander-in-Chief of Canada’s armed forces.  To us just a figurehead.  But to hundreds of thousands of Chinese military and intelligence personnel who emigrated here by the mid-1990s from the militarized totalitarian police state (remember Tiananmen Square?) and those loyal to the country’s non-transparent constituent of governance, she represented more than a major symbolic victory for Chinese interests. 



Chrétien also tried to put distance between Canada and The House of Windsor:


Chretien Government Proposes Abolishhing Oath of Allegiance for Public Servants

by Paul Benoit

The Monarchist League of Canada

Winter-Spring 2003 Vol. 7 No. 3 


The Chretien Government has asked Parliament to remove the requirement that fedearl public servants swear the Oath of Allegiance prior tot aking up their appointments, subscribing instead only to a changed oath of service. 




CMN has been informed that Treasury Board Minister Lucienne Robillard referred to the desire to implement the change in a secret Ottawa briefing of deputy ministers and other officials, and stated that it would be done under the rubric of “modernization” rather than as an assault on the Crown.




The oath of allegiance provides the practical context for the carrying out of one’s duties.  It reminds the office holder that the authoritiy of his or her office derives from the Queen.  There is a vertical chain of command that must be respected in the form of advice that makes its way up through the ranks to Her Majesty or her representative; and in the form of orders to be executed that make their way down through the ranks.


To be reminded of this structure of authority is especially useful in the current circumstances when there is much confusion as to whom officials are ultimately accountable. 




This reminder has special practical relevance in the case of officails who serve in the miltary, in the judicial system, and in arm’s length Crown agencies.




In a letter to the Prime Minister, long-time Monarchist Elsie Wayne, MP (PC – Saint John, NB) wrote that “the Bill’s hidden agenda was only discovered by a group of dedicated patriots fiercely determined to preserve our rich Royal heritage … It is my hope, given the shroud of secrety that has surrounded this latest attack … you provide me with a full rationale for this appalling government position”. 






The Canadian Oath of Allegiance is to the Canadian Monarch, and not to "Canada" or the Constitution of Canada. This is because the Sovereign is vested with all executive power, and thus he or she is seen as one who "personifies the State and is the personal symbol of allegiance, unity and authority for all Canadians." 


The Oath, in its present form, is:


I, ……………, do Solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, forever. So help me God.



A similar movement to eliminate the Queen was underway in Ontario in 1991; in this instance within the administration of justice:


Ontario Hansard

June 4, 1991 


Charles Harnick Q.C. (PC, Willowdale):


I have a petition addressed to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It reads as follows: 


"We, the undersigned, affiliated with the Royal Canadian Legion, North York Branch 66, either through membership or friendship, wish to add our voices to the protest regarding the removal of the oath to the Queen for the Metro Toronto police department. This action only further erodes the heritage of Canada at a time when unity is an issue not only for those born and raised in this country, but also for those who chose Canada as their homeland.” 




Then there’s former Deputy Prime Minister John Manley’s controversial remark in October 2002.   Its timing takes on a sinister perspective in light of Fiefdom treatise compiled evidence – reasonably perceived as aggressively confronting Her Majesty’s constitutional function as the Head of State on behalf of the triangle power of wealth and China’s nefarious interests.



Manley calls for end of monarchy

First day of queen's visit: Deputy PM's remarks 'ill-timed and rude,' critics say

by Chris Wattie

National Post

October 5, 2002

Read article 


John Manley, the Deputy Prime Minister, called for the abolition of the monarchy yesterday as the Queen arrived for a 12-day tour of Canada. Queen Elizabeth had barely been on Canadian soil an hour when Mr. Manley -- who will greet her when she arrives on Parliament Hill next Saturday -- called for the monarchy to be replaced with a "uniquely Canadian institution." 




Opposition critics and monarchists said Mr. Manley's attack was badly timed, rude, insulting and boorish. […] Mr. Manley also suggested that Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson, the Queen's representative in Canada, should become the actual head of state.  



John Manley has appointment with Queen's executioner 2002-10-09


Parliamentary Hansard 

October 7, 2002 

Mr. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southeast, Canadian Alliance): 


Mr. Speaker, I rise to join millions of Canadians in expressing profound dismay at the rude and thoughtless remarks of the Deputy Prime Minister this weekend.


On the very day that our Queen arrived here to join Canadians in celebrating the Golden Jubilee of her reign, this minister, a member of the Queen's Privy Council, a man who had to take the oath of allegiance in order to assume his office, had the crass bad taste to dismiss the Canadian Crown which the Queen herself personifies.


It is understandable that in a pluralistic democracy there will be differences of opinion on matters such as the monarchy. But the Deputy Prime Minister is not a private citizen. He is a senior representative of Her Majesty's government, and he therefore has a high responsibility to lead Canadians in honouring our sovereign as we thank her for her 50 years of graceful and selfless service to Canadians and members of the Commonwealth throughout the world.


Given the Deputy Prime Minister's public insult, it would be totally inappropriate for him to act as the Queen's escort when she visits us here in Ottawa. Let us hope that he does the right thing and instead joins Canadians in celebrating the Queen's 50 years of proud service. 

October 8, 2002

Mrs. Elsie Wayne (Saint John, PC):  


Mr. Speaker, the Deputy Prime Minister is scheduled to be the official escort to Her Majesty the Queen when her royal tour brings her to the nation's capital, this notwithstanding that on Friday last he told reporters in Montreal that he favours severing all ties with the monarchy after the Queen's reign ends.


By my count, the Deputy Prime Minister has sworn an oath of loyalty and service to Her Majesty no fewer than four times in the last two years, yet he has used his position as a minister of the Crown as a podium from which to rail against our history and our heritage. The minister says that instead of the monarchy he would prefer an entirely Canadian institution, but he fails to recognize that the monarchy is as Canadian as the House of Commons itself.



In light of this four decade history, how is one to evaluate what happened just before the G8-G20 Summit when The Queen’s constitutional subordinate gave the exclusive red carpet to China’s Hu Jintao and then upon Her arrival flew to his home country to be absent on Canada Day?  Was this a politically and geo-politically neutral decision on the part of Harper?  Or was he as agent for the triangle of power and wealth and Chinese sending a message to every single RCC invitee that the Fiefdom treatise, Sidewinder Report, CSIS Director Fadden’s evidence and the scheduled launch of the national awareness campaign in August are nothing to be worried about? 



Pursuant to Canada’s original and still binding constitutional document, the British North America Act 1867: 


Sir John A. Macdonald told Queen Victoria on 27 February 1867 that the purpose of Confederation was "to declare in the most solemn and emphatic manner our resolve to be under the Sovereignty of Your Majesty and your family forever". 


The Confederation Debates made clear that Canada was to be governed "by the Sovereign in person or by her representative duly authorised". 

Source: The Role of Queen Elizabeth II, The Monarchist League of Canada




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